18 days to go…

We went to yet another birth class yesterday, this time at the birth centre where we are hoping to give birth. It’s all getting very real. 18 days to EDD.

He felt low down and I had quite a lot of cramps last night so hoping this means something. So damn ready now. I’m looking into the stuff you can do at home, hoping for loads of foot massages since they can start labour…

We have some loose plans over the weekend but nothing set. And Monday is my last day. Then 9 months of not working. I can’t even grasp that. Right now I just feel bored but I’m sure I’ll have my hands full.

Put up a little walk hanging for nappies and stuff since we can’t fit to change him in the bathroom.

And the little balloon Santa is from Richmond. He’ll look over our baby boy. As you can see, the little baby corner is ready to go.

And then I bought a pair of shoes for myself… have been looking at these forever and they came on sale on Vestaire, which is a site for second hand clothes, so I went for it.

Charlotte Olympia kitty trainers. Adore them.

And yes, baby need to come soon because with this much time on my hands I have way too much time to scour the internet for bargains…

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