And he’s here!!

Hey guys! Sorry for the radio silence but it’s been the best of excuses.

Already listening to his mum Lukas decided to come early. After an unplanned induction he popped into the world 8 minutes to midnight on the 4th

It’s been a ride… the birth in itself was pretty smooth sailing once I got the epidural

And I pushed him out in 12 min. His heart rate dropped during the pushing phase so it needed to be done as quickly as possible.

Thank god for Viking thunder thighs. Together we aced it little man and me.

He was a tiny thing weighing 2.84 but an absolute angel.

After 2h we were rolled down into the maternity ward to stay over night.

I couldn’t sleep at all, too many hormones floating around in my system.

In the evening on Sunday we were sent home with our little miracle. Tired but happy. Classic new parents.

We had a couple of given fails in the beginning. Putting the car seat wrong and taking his temperature with the plastic still on. Winning!

Trying to get used to the new baby life

I mean, come on. Have to fall in live with this little angel

Unfortunately he wasn’t feeding properly so after a trip out and about we had to take him into hospital for jaundice.

At least we got a bit of fresh air before it was time for hospital time again.

Our little Cookie Monster is too good a sleeper. Thank his snoozy parents for that trait.

So we had to send him for some sunbathing. Poor little dude but to be honest, worse for us that couldn’t hold him for 8 hours 😦

But he’s a little superhero and after one round of lights he got better and 12 hours more of monitoring we were ready to go home.

George was pretty happy to get out of thus chair…

And, Lukas got his first visitor. Uncle Harry coming to give him some wise advice.

And then Filippa straight from Sweden. Sleeping very safely in her arms.

Today it’s all about them feeds and making sure the little spider monkey grows and becomes a productive member of society

I love my little yellow miracle.

And his dad is over the moon.

I’m going to say it myself…perfect little family ❤️

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