The craziest and best week of my life

Our little spider monkey is 8 days today. Big boy 😊. He’s fattening up a bit and I’m sure we will have hit the big 3.0 when we go to the midwife on Friday. Until then we feed like clockwork.

Breastfeeding is going so so. He won’t take the breast if it’s too full or he’s too hungry so at the moment we are doing a bit of bottle and boob at every feed. It’s all milk though so he gets whatever nutrients he need.

The best thing is that G can do the midnight feed so that I can sleep. Hooray!!

We had F here last night and it was lovely to present little L to one of my best friends.

She fell in love with him like everyone else (yes, totally being that mum).

Then we went to the pub to celebrate his first week of life.

That cider was a godsend. One was enough but I’ve missed that taste.

George fed him so I got to feel like a normal person eating steak and talking to my friends.

But also always mum to Lukas ❤️

Katta came over and they very subtly tried to get him swedified…

Such a lovely day in the pub. After 3h I felt the ‘I gave birth a week ago’ and had to go home.

Total pass out as soon as my baby was safe.

Loving life with this little one. The only thing is that I would love for the feeding to fall into place. It’s a lot of extra work with pumping, milk collecting, trying to get him to eat and then ending up giving him the bottle. We’ll get there little one.

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