The days of our lives

Lukas will meet his grandparents today. Mormor and morfar is coming to London to meet our little sleepy, poopy bundle of joy.

He’s had busy days. Yesterday Stu and Emma came over and then Rasa. So much love for this little guy. He mostly sleeps and then he pooped in Rasas arms. Mission completed.

Things are getting easier. And harder. The feeding is just not falling into place and I’m giving him the bottle more to give both him and me a break. We have a health visitor today and I’ll ask her about it. I don’t feel guilty or stressed or anything, just tired of pumping like the cow I’ve become.

Otherwise we are perfectly happy with our little family. He’s an absolute dream and couldn’t love him more.

Auntie Emma’s got the skills to pay the bills

Got so many gifts. Mr Koala and Miss Unicorn making sure I’m safe from all harm.

Just before ‘poo gate’.

And then peace. Just our little family and us.

Such a lovely time on our lives and im enjoying every minute of it, even sitting awake at 4am feeding.

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