Life with you

We are starting to fall into a routine. Ish. It’s mostly adapted around Lukas. Poor W didn’t get his walk until 1pm yesterday.

But we feed, sleep, nap, eat and repeat. George normally takes the midnight feed and I do 3am one. Means we both get some decent hours of sleep.

It’s different. Upside down and crazy and lovely and we are so, so in love with our little boy. He’s absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to see him grow up.

On Friday we got a visitor from Barcelona. Gina’s old friend and Teas dad.

George instantly called his parents feeling very smug Sasho got to see Lukas before they did.

But, the best thing is that we are getting the breast feeding to work with the nipple shields. Halle fucking lulejah

This little angel is nothing but trouble and love. We will continue to both bottle feed and now do the boob. This means I can feed him on the fly and get our lovely bonding time but George can still feed him as well.

I have so much milk for now so it works great. I express around a litre a day and then feeding on top of that.

Yesterday we took a walk to Ravenscourt and met up with Emily and Sam. They are still waiting for their little one. She is 4 days overdue so hoping that their baby comes out soon.

And then miracles. W moving closet and closet to Lukas.

Yes! We getting there. The hatred has gone to reluctant acceptance.

Little boy finding his thumb. Looking smart. Think we’ll introduce a dummy soon. He’s just like his dad and is a bit insatiable.

Life is pretty damn amazing right now. Loving having my whole family around me and George is the best partner ever to do this with. He’s amazing with Lukas and takes care of me like a princess.

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