A baby blog…

I’m sorry guys but this is turning into a baby blog. Not because all I can think of is the baby (at least not only that) but because I don’t do anything than hang with the baby.

He’s everywhere…

Today we went to the health clinic and then to HM to find me some breastfeeding friendly clothes. Too bad for me everything is polo necks and like Amish necklines at the moment. Not fitting for my milk filled bazookas. Or for my messy little eater.

People keep asking me if I left the house yet. Yes! It’s not that exciting at home. I mean, Lukas is super cute but he sleeps 18h a day.

Right now…superman styled sleeping. His favourite awake time is 4am. I seem to remember that from pregnancy…

We need to have words little one.

And, we took a bath. And then he peed on me.

Life is filled with unexpected adventures.

But, I did buy this beautiful print from my friend Danny’s girlfriend Pow. She makes these gorgeous handpainted prints and I absolutely love this one. Plus amazing to be able to support independent artists,

I’m also getting an L one for Lukas future nursery. It will be filled with prints by friends and small artists.

I can tell he loves it.

So long guys, me and my milk drink little guy is going to chill at home eating sushi. George is out seeing friends so it’s just me and the little angel.

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