He is getting bigger. 19 days today and he is becoming slightly more of a person. If a person just went between eating, sleeping and pooing.

He has his quirks though. Prefer being awake early morning and sleep in the afternoon (weirdo). He loves his pram and his daddy’s chest. He will take the boob with a nipple shield on but prefer the bottle. And the dummy is a lifesaver.

Mostly he is sweet and happy and loves hearing our voices and looking at the lamp. He smiles in his sleep and farts like a champ.

I love him endlessly. Even if I sometimes despair at the endless feeding I mostly just put on some music and sing to my little guy. He will grow up too soon so I’m enjoying this time while I can.

Just love his little kissy face.

Yesterday went for Sitas leaving lunch. Lukas was awake and hanging out the whole time. He likes sounds and people.

Then we came home and I despaired about the size of my boobs. They are huuuuge.

Also had a moment when W wanted to play, L wanted to feed and I wanted dinner.

Lukas was the only winner.

W brought all his toys but no luck. Not easy having been reduced to nr 2.

But I put them all to sleep eventually and went to make myself a culinary masterpiece of tunnbrod.

My eating is so shit at the moment. All chocolate and sandwiches. George makes me normal food but I can’t take care of myself when he is not around.

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