Anti everything

Life huh! Especially with a newborn. What people don’t warn you about is exactly how draining it is to breastfeed every three hour (or less) or even worse, when you can’t and have to pump instead.

Add to that getting mastitis which is a fucking killer pain wise and with a fever on top. Mine reached 39 at its peak. I couldn’t even hold him I felt so weak.

And when the fever died down I got herpes. All over my face. Both nostrils and mouth. I mean, come on… not only is it painful but dangerous to small babies.

So here we are. I’m on antibiotics and anti viral medicine and George is seriously cranky from doing all the leg work the last couple of days. I did do last night though and he is out today so hope the antibiotics work quick snap.

Good thing he is such a little angel

Maggie was here Tuesday to Wednesday. So lovely to have her here. She brought Victor and we got to go pram strolling together

Here you can see my fever face. Maggie has to go home a day early and that was probably for the best since I was dying.
But we had a lovely time rolling our prams together in the park. it’s something special about getting to share that.
She took some great photos with her proper camera
Today we are just taking it easy at home. Kicking this all over body infection in the balls.
My little hero is all in on the resting. He has been super fussy the last couple of days so we are changing his formula and hoping for the best

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