Slow days

Last couple of days at work. It feels weird. I havent coped with being home over the holidays particularly well. Its the combo of no energy and being bored that is killing me. Im snappy, tired and dont want to do anything.

Good thing that i have lots of plans next week. Last day, midwife, bookclub, F coming to visit and cinema. Need that. Otherwise poor George. Im not easy being around at the moment.

I keep hoping for signs that its time soon but cant say i feel anything. I think hes pretty happy in there. 2.5 weeks to go. Im as ready as ill ever get.

Belly is almost square right now. Feet and shoulders everywhere. Pointing straight out.

Even if its huge i actually thought it would be bigger. I can still reach my toes and shave my legs even if its a bit of a nightmare. But i guess i have at least 2 more weeks to grow.

Heh. Come out now Lukas, we are ready for you!

Happy New Year

Welcome 2020! My plan is to make you into somewhat less roaring than my 10’s but filled with family, happiness, growth and fun. Because as I’ve said many times, it’s fun to have fun!

I won’t do a decade recap but I’ve spent my last 10 years in London and I’m so happy for that decision. It’s made me grow far beyond what staying in Sthlm could and I really like the person I’ve become.

Through heartache, depression, love, new friends, old friends, a career far beyond what I dreamed of, all the fun, getting a dog (never in my life thought that would happen), traveling the world and meeting the sunrise in the desert, figuring out not only who I am but want to be, meeting the man I want to spend my life with, getting engaged on a cold day in NY, ivf and waiting for our baby the last decade is all I could ever wish for. Good and bad.

Looking into 2020 I make no resolutions. All I want is to be a good mum and keep building on my relationship. I’m ready to move to Sweden and start new in my homeland, a better version of myself. I want to show George all the things I love about my country and find our own way as a family with all our amazing multi cultural influences.

And I’m happy to go back to friends and family. Plus looking forward to making new ones. One thing that I love about George and me is that we never stop being curious.

NYE this year was different. Sober at home waiting for our baby. But, not worse. We invited one of the couples from our NCT class due a week before us and had a lovely evening with new friends.

Living room party ready

Me party ready

And the belly of course. Wherever I go he go.

This guy! Happy to have him and feel very lucky to start a family with him. Since he is not drinking before the baby either we had some delicious alcohol free drinks. Winning!!

All the love from us to you

Emily and Sam came over. The brought food and we are until our super preggers bellies couldn’t fit anymore. Then time for games.

And cuddles with my main man.

Plus you know, a party because it’s NYE!

Amazing to spend the end of the year with these guys and we went to bed, sober and happy, at 2 ready to be in bed all day today.