Slowly getting there

It’s getting better my end. After a day and night with cabbage in my bra, sleeping as much as I could and medication around the clock I’m finally feeling better.

Hallefuckinglujah! And thank the stars for George picking up most of the work when I was out. Dream team!

Btw, no one warns you about the never ending shit storm. Not properly. It’s a good thing humans forget. Between end of pregnancy, birth and being a cabbage stinking cow it’s hard to choose a favourite for most magical time.

Looking pretty happy on his daddy’s chest.

Taking it easy today too. I’m still not 100% and maybe it’s time for those days at home just the three of us we haven’t had since he came. It’s been someone over pretty much every day since he came.

With his new bff. Plays music and is cuddly. That’s what friendship is truly built on.

Anyway, no more complaining. He’s an absolute treasure and I love him to bits. I’m sure it will all look up when I’m better. And there is something truly magical when they snooze on your chest.

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