Living life

It’s a storm raging outside. We are snuggled up at home. George took both the night feeds so he is sleeping and me and little man are chilling on the sofa.

It’s a slow life. Time just pass. I do very little and at first I struggled with that. But now I’m accepting the fact that my job right now is to grow and nurture this amazing little human. I’m literally getting paid to do this.

So it’s all about him. We eat and sleep. But we also play and sing songs and get to know each other. Bonding with him and in our family.

We are awesome together. George and I help each other out and we both want the world for our boy while being pretty chilled out. We both do equal amount of the work when he is home and Lukas is bonding as much with his dad as his mum.

It’s a pretty amazing life with an amazing little human.

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