This is what it’s come to

The total humiliation of having to bring your baby with you when you go to the bathroom…

Yes, this is my life now. He’s in the ‘changing sensations’ growth spurt and don’t want to be put down. Or sleep. So here we are. Hanging together in the loo when I’m doing a…

Yeah, I bet you can finish that rhyme yourself.

We are off to Westfield’s today. Not really doing anything. Maybe picking up some next size up baby clothes. Or just, you know, leaving the house… those small things you take for granted.

He is my little angel though and I don’t mind spending all my time in this awesome company.
This morning we discussed the Oscars. He was very happy with Parasites win. Not that we have seen it, not much time for the cinema at the moment.

On Friday it’s my bday though. And we are taking him up East. Same thing as on our anniversary, early dinner and then home. Just nice to dress up and get out.

And just because this photo is hilarious and will traumatise Lukas for life…
Bye lovers ❤️

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