He’s my life

Just came home from the park. Met with Emily and Sam and their little Eleonore. she’s gorgeous. I forgot to take photos, I suck. So instead there is millions of photos of us on the sofa. Enjoy…

He’s a little monkey today
But first he was all pink and starry because we believe is skipping those gender stereotypes. Plus who doesn’t love stars?

He’s becoming so fat and happy. Love it. I mean, he’s always happy but he’s a little chubster these days.

That double chin is my proudest work at the moment.
He’s my life. This is me in the bathroom. Hands up for baby carrier so you can have two hands free on the loo.
He’s just the most scrumptious little monster I have ever seen.
And I’m loving all his colourful onesies I bought from Lindex. Hands up all around.

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