Love is all around us

Having a lovely day today. George is giving me a bit of a pre birthday so this morning he left with dog and baby and gave me a lie in. Glorious, glorious lie in.

I sleep quite a lot and I’m definitely not complaining but since I sleep next to Lukas I’m always alert, even when sleeping. So it’s something to say for that totally dead sleep when no one is around.

I was up this morning for my cuddles though. Need those bad boys, them like crack.
And then because George is a legend he had booked me mani/pedi. Just me and an Asian lady not speaking English. The dream. She literally carved off half my feet.

After that me time I met them in Queens head for lunch.

My favourite boys. How can you love this much?
And I I wasn’t teary eyed enough I care home to a package. It was a box of heart candy from Lukas.

To give context. When I was little my dad always gave me these for my bday. I hated all things pink and heart shaped but I loved this box of candy. But I grew older and moved away and my dad stopped buying them.

So to see this from Lukas made me cry. So incredibly sweet to start the tradition again this way. Plus very impressed with Lukas organising this with granddad.

I’m feeling all emotional and filled with love at the moment. Between George’s sweetness, this from dad and mum and my girls coming to London in April I feel surrounded by love and amazing people. I’m so very spoiled.

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