My birthday

It’s 4.30 am and we’ve been up since 3. I’m trying to be really boring so that he gets that it’s sleepy time but he’s so damn cute.

I’m losing the battle…blogging is my last resort.

So let me tell you about my birthday while I try and ignore my kid.

George was amazing and took Lukas the night before. Unfortunately L wanted to make sure it was a proper gift and didn’t sleep from 2 so I woke up to a George at his wits end. He was ready to throw the baby in the wall 🙂

So we just chilled out before getting ready for dinner and drinks in East.

Lukas was dressed up for mama
For the first time since baby I kind of felt like myself. I mean, there are definitely some extra kg left but that’s not the point. I wore normal clothes and just felt…normal.
We headed up to Dishoom for a super early dinner. Us and all the other baby parents.
After dinner we headed to Found where the crew sang for me over the best bday cake. A found cake!
Felt naughty
Lukas is a natural bar fly
It was the perfect bday with my boys and a couple of drinks.
And because glam I had pumped in the bathroom before drinking to make sure ma boy had some delicious mama milk.
Meant I was free to rock and rumble
While making sure my little angel was snug as a bug in a rug being fed and loved.
An absolute perfect birthday filled with love and I must admit to feeling #blessed for my family and generally awesome life.
You are pretty banging my awesome partner in life

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