Turn around

George is away and we are busy practicing tummy time. The little guy hates it and just rolls around on his back. Every time. I don’t think that’s the point but at least he’s practicing his rolling. Go Bulgarian mountain warrior!

We are finally getting some kind of normal life. On Tuesday we met Eric for lunch and then the NCT girls and yesterday we had lunch with Linnea and Maja

It’s awesome having some other mums to hang out for the simple fact that they are on the same timelines. Early lunches that easily take two hours since midway you have to feed the bubba.

Other awesome things that happen when you have a baby is that you step in a poo nappy. Well, one of us were happy about it at least. Look at that smug face…

We ( I say we because Lukas is definitely part of that decision) have also decided to stop breastfeeding. He hates it and it takes forever and makes us both miserable.

So for now I pump and do formula and then eventually switch over to only formula. I’m sure he’ll be a happy bunny either way.

He’s got all his mamas and papas love and that is all that matters.

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