Happy mama happy baby

Early Saturday morning. He is sleeping on my chest and G and W are still in bed. I don’t mind the lack of sleep, this is such a special moment.

I’m finding having a newborn easier than I thought. I mean, it’s not that it’s all song and dance but I’m loving my little man and I’m not struggling that much with lack of sleep (with that said, I get around 5h a night and a lot of mums get way less than that).

He’s a fairly easy baby and since we decided on stopping the boob both him and me are soo much happier. A boob free life for everyone! And he is properly smiling now and happy to play.

Yes, I love getting to know my son and now that we are better at leaving the house every day I don’t struggle with sitting on the sofa all the time. I even have time to read my bookclub book now that I’m not trying to breastfeed all the time.

This little cutie pie and me are both enjoying bonding time at the moment
And leaving the house in our big boy clothes.
Yesterday we had lunch with Anton. Good thing to be reminded there is a world out there.

So we chill and play and walk and get to know each other. My little happy guy who loves his gym, windows and lamps plus his parents smiles.

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