A yogi lifestyle

Trying to do some light exercises at home today. I got 15 min in. Let’s agree that between baby and dog that’s pretty impressive.

He was happy playing away at the mat while W was hovering behind ass hoping this was some new game for him. Sorry buddy.

We are all getting used to the new addition. Even Woolly has accepted his fate.

Even matching with his lil bro.

My awesome family!

We all went a bit stir crazy at home yesterday. L was moaning because stomach pains and G and me were a bit snappy and tired. Still loving this life but some days are easier than others…

It’s a good thing I love him with all my heart. And that I can do things like get my hair done (tomorrow) and bookclub (Wednesday) to remember I’m a normal human being. Because I am. Somewhere deep inside.

Look at that little Popeye arm. Eat your mama milk and formula and you’ll get big and strong. He’s already pretty strong so now we are working on fat. I want croissant legs with proper folds.

But for now we sleep after all that hard work of keeping mama company through her yoga.

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