The little fat man

We went to our first mama baby yoga class. Lukas was a little mini man compared to the others. But he was awesome. Basically it’s not really yoga, more stretches for a mama body carrying a baby around everywhere. Needed!

Look how tiny he is chillin out on the floor…

And after that thrilling morning I went to bookclub with these lovely ladies. Yes! Two activities in one day. See me rollin!

We read the beautifully written Girl, woman, other by Bernadine Evaris. Or, they read, I only got through 30%. Not blaming the book, blaming life and baby and Netflix.

Tried to take a cute picture in the morning.


There is a reason I call him my little fatsaurus…

Cheers Sita… but I do agree, I think he looks a bit like me in that pic. Must be the double chin action.

In other news I cut my hair. Guess I’m finally grown up because didn’t get princess hair. An era finally reaching its end.

And that’s it folks. It’s early morning. Fam is sleeping. Today Lukas and me are joining George working in Kensington. Exciting times.

But from the brothers always with one arm up.

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