The craziest week of my life

Ok, it’s been a while. Hey everyone. A lot has happened. I mean, in the world at large of course, but also for us.

We decided a week ago to leave London due to the virus. George can’t work in the current situation and none of us wanted to be stuck in London not knowing when things would get better.

So in the quickest move in history (yes, I’m totally claiming that) we got Lukas an emergency passport, packed up the flat, drove our stuff to storage and cleared up the rest and on Monday we caught the last flight out of London to Sweden.

A life in 7 bags…

It was by far one of the most stressful things I’ve done. Lukas felt our stress and refused to be put down. So I packed with him like this. All for you lil dude.

As a last heart attack George was almost not let on the flight due to not being Swedish. I almost cried then. But George and me being awesome we pulled that off as well and came through security to a deserted airport.

It was like a white, middle class version of a refugee movie. I mean, we still safely flew with our 7 bags picking up some snacks on the way.

We live in crazy times. 40 min after we jumped on the plane UK went into lockdown.

But we made it into the safe arms of grandparents. Mum and dad would not stay away from Lukas, virus or not.

Lovely days in Nyköping. We got the boys registered as swedes, rented a car, tried to open a bank account and bought the missing baby stuff.

But mostly just enjoyed not being on lockdown.

The good thing about a small town is that you can still be out and about without risk of spreading the virus. Plus Sweden is still more or less functioning as normal.

Plus the weather man.

And eventually we got out to the country house. My happy place.

Even found 8 month old Elsa to make missing Woolly a little bit more bearable.

Life here is lovely and we’ll ride out the storm safely in the forest.

The little guy is loving it. Fresh air and sun on his face. That’s life.

I’m very aware the world is still in a horrible place and how happy we are to be able to relax in the forest like this but right now I’m just happy my family made it safely out and are together in Sweden.

Corona, is it you?

So, I’ve decided to self isolate. Have a light fever and a dry, persistent cough and the symptoms point toward the possibility of corona.

So to not risk anything I’m staying in. Good thing is that there is 0 mortality rate for small kids and mini man is so far the picture of health.

You couldn’t ask for a better quarantine buddy.

My main worry now is not being able to move home in 2 months. If the world continue to go on lock down it’s a possibility. We probably would have up and left already but we don’t have a passport for Lukas.

So here we are, chill vanillin in London seeing the world pass by outside the window. Thank god for the garden.

So far George is feeling good but he is isolating with me to not risk spreading anything. At least he can go to the supermarket for us.

My best bud wearing the outfit we bought when we first realised we were pregnant.

10 months between these pictures. What an amazing life change it is to add our little gorgeous Lukas to the family.

Hey guys. Don’t mind me chillin out and just being cute. (With that said, he can be a nightmare sometimes. I heard George this morning going ‘Lukas, last night you were a bastard but this morning you are just a dick.

Who? Me? Nah, look at how innocent I am. Could never do that shizzle.

Anyway, 100 pics of Lukas aside, it will be even more sofa life for the time being while I fight this potential corona.

Happy birthday my love

So George have been doing a lot of the ‘who does he look like’ stuff that parents do. And so far it’s mostly himself. ‘He’s got my hands, my smile, he eats like me’. That kind of stuff.

But finally there something of mine in there. Yesterday he exclaimed during dinner ‘he’s got your teeth’

To those wondering. No, Lukas doesn’t have any teeth 😂.

Dom laughed his ass off. As did I. But cheers my love for giving me Lukas non existing teeth.

It was George’s bday yesterday. Lukas and me sang and gave him breakfast in bed.

Lukas has gone off and bought a gift for dad

And a card. You’re my number one dad dad.

When George was out Lukas tried his new chair. He’s a bit small for the awesome one from grandma and grandpa but he loves this one.

In the evening we went for dinner at the pho place. Pho sure.

Best thing about dinners with friends is that someone else can take your baby…

The two most dapper guys in the joint.

What a lovely birthday and there is something extra magical having your child with you. Plus, George is only 4 years younger than me again.


Big and small news. First the craziest ones. We’ve found a flat in Sthlm. So it’s happening. For real. We are moving to Sweden in May…

It’s at Gärdet, and it’s a lovely big 3 room flat on the 9th floor. I think it will suit our little family perfectly. Can’t wait to have more space. And djurgården around the corner.

In smaller, but not less important, news. Lukas had his 6 week check up (at 8 weeks. Oooops) and he is perfectly healthy growing like a champ.

Look at him go! He’s getting so big. I’m enjoying every second of it. Loved the newborn stage but love his smile and quirks even more.

He totally has a little personality. All about the chill and the attention. If you don’t listen to him he let’s you know you suck. I feel that runs in both our families…

On Saturday we hung out with Emily, Sam and Eleonore. She was supposed to be born a week before L but due to her being late and Lukas early she is almost 4 weeks younger. Lukas looks huge in comparison.

Might be our first proper family photo. Look at little tiny L in the middle.

And on Friday we congratulated Sarah and Ali having bought a flat. Man, all our friends are grown ups now.

Tomorrow is George bday so me and Luke need to go out and get dad a bday card. See you later.

The model life

Lukas did his first photo shoot yesterday. True to form he slept through the whole thing. As soon as we are out and about he’s either super happy or sleeps like a baby. Abs at home he’s a moany little goat.

Truly his fathers son…

Haven’t got the photos yet but here’s a little sneak peak. It’s for Louises brand kin and the amazing ring she made me.

It was not only me helping her out, there was a whole bunch of us wearing her awesome stuff.

Like Rasa.

We had a drink. As you do.
And baby L hung out with all of his London family.
Totally sleeping through all of it as he does.

Then we went for dinner at Blacklock with Oscar and then home. Damn I’ll miss London when we leave…

And speaking of talented friends. I got my L print from Pow. Love her art, it’s so lovely for a nursery. Or a grown up for that matters.

Lukas room will be lovely once we have it. Just need a flat first.

He’s kind of big enough to hold his head by himself now. With some kamikaze moments when he throws himself around.

He’s getting so big our lovely, sweet 2 month old.

Dream life

Hello from the almost 2 month mark. Everyone keeps telling you it just gets better and it does. I mean, I looooove the baby cuddles but it’s something so magical having your baby smiling at you. He is even starting to love the old peek a boo.

I mean, look at this little gorgeous guy!!

We did the 8 week vaccinations today. He’s a champ and barely cried and now hes sleeping on my chest. Did I tell you this is pretty damn amazing ❤️.

And he loves people. On Friday he met Ella for the first time. Look at the love in those eyes.

And on Saturday he spent the day with Tom and Elin. Plus Roxy. She was a very jealous little lady…

Toms an absolute natural with this baby stuff. I think he was seriously contemplating kidnapping L.

He slept through the whole thing safely in the arms of mamas friends.

We headed to found after to say hi to Oscar. Hi Oscar.

All the mama playing when you have the bar to yourself.

And our standard these days, home before 9. Never not cuddles.

Sunday was all family time at home. I got to sleep 9h. Felt like a new man.

But it’s just too cozy when you are with this little dude so almost fell asleep again.

Must say I love my life at the moment. Enough energy to leave the house, he’s a dream and still getting all the cuddles from my little snoozer.