Dream life

Hello from the almost 2 month mark. Everyone keeps telling you it just gets better and it does. I mean, I looooove the baby cuddles but it’s something so magical having your baby smiling at you. He is even starting to love the old peek a boo.

I mean, look at this little gorgeous guy!!

We did the 8 week vaccinations today. He’s a champ and barely cried and now hes sleeping on my chest. Did I tell you this is pretty damn amazing ❤️.

And he loves people. On Friday he met Ella for the first time. Look at the love in those eyes.

And on Saturday he spent the day with Tom and Elin. Plus Roxy. She was a very jealous little lady…

Toms an absolute natural with this baby stuff. I think he was seriously contemplating kidnapping L.

He slept through the whole thing safely in the arms of mamas friends.

We headed to found after to say hi to Oscar. Hi Oscar.

All the mama playing when you have the bar to yourself.

And our standard these days, home before 9. Never not cuddles.

Sunday was all family time at home. I got to sleep 9h. Felt like a new man.

But it’s just too cozy when you are with this little dude so almost fell asleep again.

Must say I love my life at the moment. Enough energy to leave the house, he’s a dream and still getting all the cuddles from my little snoozer.

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