The model life

Lukas did his first photo shoot yesterday. True to form he slept through the whole thing. As soon as we are out and about he’s either super happy or sleeps like a baby. Abs at home he’s a moany little goat.

Truly his fathers son…

Haven’t got the photos yet but here’s a little sneak peak. It’s for Louises brand kin and the amazing ring she made me.

It was not only me helping her out, there was a whole bunch of us wearing her awesome stuff.

Like Rasa.

We had a drink. As you do.
And baby L hung out with all of his London family.
Totally sleeping through all of it as he does.

Then we went for dinner at Blacklock with Oscar and then home. Damn I’ll miss London when we leave…

And speaking of talented friends. I got my L print from Pow. Love her art, it’s so lovely for a nursery. Or a grown up for that matters.

Lukas room will be lovely once we have it. Just need a flat first.

He’s kind of big enough to hold his head by himself now. With some kamikaze moments when he throws himself around.

He’s getting so big our lovely, sweet 2 month old.

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