Big and small news. First the craziest ones. We’ve found a flat in Sthlm. So it’s happening. For real. We are moving to Sweden in May…

It’s at Gärdet, and it’s a lovely big 3 room flat on the 9th floor. I think it will suit our little family perfectly. Can’t wait to have more space. And djurgården around the corner.

In smaller, but not less important, news. Lukas had his 6 week check up (at 8 weeks. Oooops) and he is perfectly healthy growing like a champ.

Look at him go! He’s getting so big. I’m enjoying every second of it. Loved the newborn stage but love his smile and quirks even more.

He totally has a little personality. All about the chill and the attention. If you don’t listen to him he let’s you know you suck. I feel that runs in both our families…

On Saturday we hung out with Emily, Sam and Eleonore. She was supposed to be born a week before L but due to her being late and Lukas early she is almost 4 weeks younger. Lukas looks huge in comparison.

Might be our first proper family photo. Look at little tiny L in the middle.

And on Friday we congratulated Sarah and Ali having bought a flat. Man, all our friends are grown ups now.

Tomorrow is George bday so me and Luke need to go out and get dad a bday card. See you later.

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