Happy birthday my love

So George have been doing a lot of the ‘who does he look like’ stuff that parents do. And so far it’s mostly himself. ‘He’s got my hands, my smile, he eats like me’. That kind of stuff.

But finally there something of mine in there. Yesterday he exclaimed during dinner ‘he’s got your teeth’

To those wondering. No, Lukas doesn’t have any teeth 😂.

Dom laughed his ass off. As did I. But cheers my love for giving me Lukas non existing teeth.

It was George’s bday yesterday. Lukas and me sang and gave him breakfast in bed.

Lukas has gone off and bought a gift for dad

And a card. You’re my number one dad dad.

When George was out Lukas tried his new chair. He’s a bit small for the awesome one from grandma and grandpa but he loves this one.

In the evening we went for dinner at the pho place. Pho sure.

Best thing about dinners with friends is that someone else can take your baby…

The two most dapper guys in the joint.

What a lovely birthday and there is something extra magical having your child with you. Plus, George is only 4 years younger than me again.

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