Corona, is it you?

So, I’ve decided to self isolate. Have a light fever and a dry, persistent cough and the symptoms point toward the possibility of corona.

So to not risk anything I’m staying in. Good thing is that there is 0 mortality rate for small kids and mini man is so far the picture of health.

You couldn’t ask for a better quarantine buddy.

My main worry now is not being able to move home in 2 months. If the world continue to go on lock down it’s a possibility. We probably would have up and left already but we don’t have a passport for Lukas.

So here we are, chill vanillin in London seeing the world pass by outside the window. Thank god for the garden.

So far George is feeling good but he is isolating with me to not risk spreading anything. At least he can go to the supermarket for us.

My best bud wearing the outfit we bought when we first realised we were pregnant.

10 months between these pictures. What an amazing life change it is to add our little gorgeous Lukas to the family.

Hey guys. Don’t mind me chillin out and just being cute. (With that said, he can be a nightmare sometimes. I heard George this morning going ‘Lukas, last night you were a bastard but this morning you are just a dick.

Who? Me? Nah, look at how innocent I am. Could never do that shizzle.

Anyway, 100 pics of Lukas aside, it will be even more sofa life for the time being while I fight this potential corona.

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