The craziest week of my life

Ok, it’s been a while. Hey everyone. A lot has happened. I mean, in the world at large of course, but also for us.

We decided a week ago to leave London due to the virus. George can’t work in the current situation and none of us wanted to be stuck in London not knowing when things would get better.

So in the quickest move in history (yes, I’m totally claiming that) we got Lukas an emergency passport, packed up the flat, drove our stuff to storage and cleared up the rest and on Monday we caught the last flight out of London to Sweden.

A life in 7 bags…

It was by far one of the most stressful things I’ve done. Lukas felt our stress and refused to be put down. So I packed with him like this. All for you lil dude.

As a last heart attack George was almost not let on the flight due to not being Swedish. I almost cried then. But George and me being awesome we pulled that off as well and came through security to a deserted airport.

It was like a white, middle class version of a refugee movie. I mean, we still safely flew with our 7 bags picking up some snacks on the way.

We live in crazy times. 40 min after we jumped on the plane UK went into lockdown.

But we made it into the safe arms of grandparents. Mum and dad would not stay away from Lukas, virus or not.

Lovely days in Nyköping. We got the boys registered as swedes, rented a car, tried to open a bank account and bought the missing baby stuff.

But mostly just enjoyed not being on lockdown.

The good thing about a small town is that you can still be out and about without risk of spreading the virus. Plus Sweden is still more or less functioning as normal.

Plus the weather man.

And eventually we got out to the country house. My happy place.

Even found 8 month old Elsa to make missing Woolly a little bit more bearable.

Life here is lovely and we’ll ride out the storm safely in the forest.

The little guy is loving it. Fresh air and sun on his face. That’s life.

I’m very aware the world is still in a horrible place and how happy we are to be able to relax in the forest like this but right now I’m just happy my family made it safely out and are together in Sweden.

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