When the party came to town

The weather is lovely at the moment, cold and sunny. I mean, it snowed which is not what you are dreaming of in April but I’m still loving it.

It’s all about them walks. When I get George to join me.

Mini man is loving it here at the country house. Except for his face at the first snow. Sorry lil dude, you a swede now.

And then Maggie and Victor came to do them long walks with us. All kinds of awesome. It’s something so very sweet about your bffs coming to see you when the world is as crazy as it is. Love you girls.

Because Filippa also joined us on the Tuesday. Nothing better than your smart, funny and gorgeous power girls.

Team work. Filippa helping Mags take her clothes off.

In the evening it was all about the drinks and the chats. George had Lukas duty and I had drinks and catch up duty.

We both aced it.

Things got a bit blurry.

And then blurrier.

The world is crazy but good thing is that everyone is home in the evenings and down to party so we added some long distance friends.


Yesterday I was hungover. Good thing the kids could entertain themselves. And so sweet (even if Victor is totally stealing Lukas toy)

Today me and this little smiley boy are off to the bank and hopefully take more steps toward becoming fully fledged swedes.

Wish us luck!!

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