Life is slowly passing here at the country house. As George said, it’s like the VIP holding place for immigrants. A bit harsh :). But I know what he means, it’s a pause before starting our life.

But everything is on pause right now. Not just us. The world. We have it better than our friends not allowed to leave the house. Or the ones struggling to find food. We have a forest to roam and stores filled with everything we need.

And we have each other. And family.

So really, life is pretty VIP right now.

I’m a little bit under the weather however. Pretty sure it’s just a normal cold but who knows. Will see if we’ll celebrate Easter with the family or not.

Lukas will miss his grandparents but on the other hand, mum and dads undivided attention. Winner.

He is happily growing away our little 3 month old. All smiles and talk and kicking legs. Loves being involved and getting attention.

Mamas big boy.

Playing with his toys like a champ.

So yeah. Life is slow and we are slow and I sometimes feel like we are turning into sloths. But hey, as holding places go this one is pretty ace.

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