Happy Easter

It’s a weird one this year but the sun is shining and we are all healthy so living our best lives. Dads feeling a bit rough so him and mum are staying in town but hoping for them to be able to come out tomorrow for some Easter shenanigans.

Our little Easter chicken with his favourite toy the candy wrapper.

Honestly, nothing new to tell you. It’s all about walks and sunshine and this little guy growing. He’s getting more and more awesome by the day.

He’s so big now. Still trying to get hold of a doctor for him. It’s proven a bit of a nightmare but I keep trying. We need to have his little crooked head looked at :).

In other countryside news spring is coming and I’m picking tiny bouquets. Yes, my life is riveting and crazy shit happens.

Like meeting deers when I’m out walking. Hey there guys.

But, mostly about him. Or rather, pretty much all about him.

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