All about family

We are moving up to Sthlm tomorrow. Can’t wait. For all of us. It’s been lovely here but it’s something for having your own place. Here we are staying in someone else’s house and it’s hard to completely relax.

But look at us relaxing when we get to Sthlm. Heh, quite the opposite. I’m having the girls over Friday and on Saturday we are seeing baby bro and Sandra. All these people I can’t wait to see.

And Ikea. We are going to Ikea. That’s a trial in itself…

It’s been a full on Easter party with the family.

This little guy is just too cute these days. Best baby ever.

We didn’t really have anything to dress up in so found this in a drawer somewhere. I bit like a cancan dancing chicken.

We didn’t really paint eggs but George practiced his Swedish. Best egg ever.

Hey there hot stuff.

Family times.

Yesterday he was the biggest boy in jeans and shoes.

Hanging with grandpa. We are just missing a baby club blazer for him and they are matchy matchy boys.

So yeah, tomorrow life starts. Well, as life is these days. I need to start looking at my CV so that I can get a job come October but, I also really just want to enjoy being on maternity minus stress.

It hasn’t been an easy one with corona, crazy move from London, George not having a job etc. In the end of the day I’m supposed to be on maternity focusing on spending time with my little boy and that’s what I’ll focus on.

Im a fixer but right now I’m still employed, I literally can’t start working anywhere until October and my baby is only 3 months needing mama so I need to relax. It’s hard for me when I know we need an income but I need to just let go and trust George, I know he is more than capable.

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