Sthlm, you pretty damn awesome

And we are here. Stockholm. Where I grew up. It’s weird to be back. 10 years in UK and before that 4 years at university. A big part of my life has not been spent here. I need to relearn this city. It’s not a stranger but more like a long lost friend.

So far it’s been the flat, Ikea, and a never ending view from our windows. We are venturing out today to see some more of the city but first furniture building and picking things up from Maggie.

Tired faces at Ikea

But at least our little boy is loving the flat. So much space.

And the view is epic. I see him looking out the window all the time. Never getting bored of the flat now with these views.

Good thing about waking at 5am is the epic sunrise.

Me checking sunrise, little hero working on his tummy time. He hates it so I got him this turtle to help. So far success.

Little guy chillin out on the big bed.

Seeing friends the way we do these days.

And enjoying epic views.

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