Social butterfly

Loving life in Sthlm at the moment. I know corona is serious and horrible and we are being careful and following the recommendations. But, being able to enjoy spring with friends is so lovely, especially friends I haven’t seen in a while.

On Friday the girls came over for dinner. Super casual under our crystal chandeliers. Living in the same city for the first time for 10 years.

They brought gifts and Sanna was awesomely matched with hers.

Love my girls.

On Saturday I met up with these London heroes. Can’t believe the three of us are all living in the same city as well. All roads lead to Sthlm.

Hard to not love this city in spring. Especially when it’s offers up such amazing company.

And to top this weekend off Lukas got to see his uncle. Love at first sight.

They’ll have your back for ever little guy.

Today I’m taking a walk with Katta and Alex is swinging by in the evening. So far I’ve seen more people in a week here than in like 3 months in London.

I know Sthlm will annoy me to no end at that times but right now I’m loving being here.

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