Life goes on and on

Another early morning watching the view from our flat. It’s so lovely and calm here with the only sound reaching us being the birds singing. Lukas is snoozing in my lap and I’m tired but happy.

Over the last two days we’ve been seeing friends and trying to get the last bits and bobs in place. There are still a hefty chunk on my to do list but we’ll get there. Remind me to NOT have a baby, change country and change jobs within 3 months next time 😊

George is busy applying but I’m giving myself a month to relax and enjoy maternity with no stress hanging over me. We’ll see how that goes…

My small big boy is growing away. He’s just becoming more and more of a little person.

On Monday we returned the car, I picked up my swede phone and we built Lukas bed. Productive day. And look how cozy it became.

Sleeping in his own bed.

While I tested my new camera. Pretty evening views.

On Tuesday I took this little naughty for lunch at Kattas mum while George went to war with Skatteverket. I won that day!

I mean come on. Hard not to fall in love with Sthlm when it’s like this.

Can not get over that we live so close to the beauty of Djurgården.

And yesterday we met with George’s old flatmate Sofie. She is studying to become a jeweller and we popped by the shop where she is training for the coming two years. She is helping me making my family ring smaller.

And then we popped by Kungsan before George and baby went home and I took Maggie for dinner. And yes, we had too much to talk about so took zero photos.

Came home to this crew. Looks like your adopting a family there lil dude.

Today it’s more of the same. Sunny days, baby, outside. Man I’m glad we made it to Sweden in time.

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