It’s all about the fish man

Truly back in the deep end here in Sweden with parties and very social times. Loving it but also somewhat tired 😊. We are mondaying today and chilling at home. George is working and I’m on the sofa with Luke.

But, we gave baby L his first proper food. Banana time.

Loving it. He didn’t really get the spoon but loved the squeezy thing.

Big milestone little guy.

On Friday we had Alex, Olivia and Katta over for dinner. So nice to see them all. Alex is risk group with asthma so it was pretty chilled out.

Love entertaining people in our flat since it actually has a table.

On Saturday I was somewhat hungover (it’s happening kids, I’m truly becoming old) but we dressed Lucky Luke in his finest (gift from Alex and Olivia) and headed out to do town.

Look at my baby. He’s the happiest, smiliest little hero. And he’s started laughing over the last couple of days. Mainly at dads silly laugh.

In the evening we went to the Ghobadi’s. That’s Asrins parents who basically see George as their third son. And Lukas as the first grandson. Shiko stole him straight away and Lukas was so damn happy.

Baby L, getting all the attention. But he’s such a social little baby so he’s loving it.

On Sunday we went to Skansen with Jake the snake.

Lukas was somewhat interested in wolves and bears and moose.

But absolutely loved the fishes. I mean, it looks like a baby rave so totally feel him.

But it’s hard work seeing all of these totally new things so even heroes need to sleep.

Looked over by the badass men in his life. They’ve got you little dude.

But all in all he had an amazing day his first time at Skansen. Your parents will remember this one. Plus, he’s so damn big these days.

And to top off the day to perfection we met up with Tove, Fredrik and Ebba at Rosendal before finally heading home to the sofa.

With the happiest little boy in the pram home.

He’s so damn cute at the moment you just want to eat him up. But for now, it’s all about eating that banana up.

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