Get shit done

We are snoozing. Or, mini man is snoozing and I’m continuing my quest to get all the practical shit done. It’s a bit daunting when you are the only one who can do it.

So far this week I’ve gotten a home insurance, looked into pre school for Luke and doctor for me. I’ve also sorted weekly recipes (only way we eat well) and trying to figure out my pension. Plus finding a lawyer for my settlement. All the sexy stuff. And there is still so much on my list.

George is busy trying to find work. He had some good leads yesterday so hopefully he’ll be able to start working soon and us just not living three people on my savings and maternity. Doesn’t take us far.

This little guy is happily unaware of all the drama.

It’s all about playing with toys, reaching for stuff and cooing.

Such a little cutie.

Watching basketball with dad.

Yesterday we saw Alexandra and Chrisse. So lovely seeing them. I’m so glad to be back in Sweden with all my friends.

And my little family of course.

Today we are taking him to the doctors for vaccinations and tonight Filippa and me are having dinner while George is out. I’m not really feeling the party in corona times but nothing stops my man.

It’s you and me mini. Aceing this whole doing nothing sleeping thing.

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