Birthday party in the sun

Sunday. Sitting with my little man watching TV. He loves the tv. Well, it’s some strong genes there. Both from his daddy and mormor. Lots of love for the TV in our family.

Yesterday we went to Vilmas second birthday party. All the babies. Grown ups had bubbles and kids had soap bubbles. Perfect party.

Such a lovely day.

My baby went for the good stuff straight away.

Showing off his skills. And his awesome nerd outfit. The best clothes he has.

And he got his first ever party bag with swag. Loved it.

Happy birthday Vilma and thanks to her parents for the perfect Saturday in the sun.

Today we are seeing our favourite flat again hoping we can get it. But if not it was not meant to happen. We have learned the hard way that planning doesn’t always go as you want…

Happy Sunday to all of you from this little naughty baby.

Fun times

Ok, I’m back on the horse. Blogging and all that. And with that I mean putting up an endless stream of pics of my baby. Not sorry.

He rolled again this morning. Like a lil champ. It goes so quickly at the moment, he’s developing skills by the day. Almost like his mama.

Here pictures looking VERY clever on our night out. Yep, I did what I set out to do. Get drunk and behave like I’ve never heard of kids.

One could call me a roaring success.

Lucky me I have awesome friends that make sure that my baby free night don’t end until 4am when I stumble home to the birds singing.

Otherwise we are mostly just out and about enjoying Sthlm while looking at flats.

I lure George to leave the house and George gets some house porn. Perfect combo.

Today it’s all about the three of us until we are leaving him and it’s just about the two of us. Sorry lil man but mama and papa needs some fun times.


Hey guys. Been a while. Not that we’ve been busy. Really, we do literally nothing except for rolling around having awesome times.

It’s all warm and sunny today. 20 degrees. I’m wearing a dress. Summer, I’ve missed you. We went to Millesgården to meet with Maggie and Andrea and their babies. Hands up for Swedish maternity leave.

Baby and me looking cool as ice.

He’s so big now. Loving to stand up and sitting but mostly just hanging out with ALL the people.

Standing like a pro. I have a hunch he’s more like his dad given that my lazy ass didn’t start walking until I was 18 months. Do your mum a solid and keep immobile lil dude.

But the best thing is that laugh. I live for it. Well, I live for loads of stuff that but that’s a winner.

Tonight I’m seeing the girls and tomorrow George and me are having our first baby free night since he came. Thanks Katta and Karin for being all kinds of awesome.

Always fun with auntie Katta

And auntie Karin. He’ll be in safe hands. Maybe we can stay out like a week 🤔.

Anyway. Stockholm is all summery, like is falling into place and our little family is pretty happy.

I promise I’ll be better at the blog. Next time I’ll give you a ‘trying to buy a flat’ update. And a ‘I went out with the girls and got SMASHED update’ plus ‘the night without Lukas’ update. Sheeet, clearly lots to update y’all on.

Happy Luke and SW day

Our little boy is four months today. He’s (mostly) all smiles and laughter and he loves people and attention and the tv. It’s all about people for Lukas. I wonder who he’s got that from??

Both George and me have been struggling a bit over the last couple of days. Just a bit of everything. I think George will be better when he finds a job and I need to get my head around being back.

I love being here, don’t get me wrong, but there is a reason I left and a lot of old feelings and worries are starting to resurface being back here. I’m not sure how to handle them.

But, it’s mostly all fun and games. Exactly how Lukas feel about avocado 😂

He’s got some swag though. Don’t like to brag but he’s totally the coolest kid around. Fuck blue for boys, bring on all the colours.

Colour bombing the shit out of tricky days.

We also have such a crew of people around us. Had Ghobadi’s and baby bro and Sandra over for dinner on Friday.

Family and chosen family all around. Very lucky indeed.

And yesterday Sanna and me went to Lill-jansskogen. Like stepping into a Bauer fairytale world.

My somewhat sadness flew out the window for a while.

Not hating on this…

Today we are celebrating his 4 month day and Star Wars day by me going to Katta for a fika and then hopefully a nice dinner together tonight. George and me have been quite bad a focusing on us since he came. But I guess that’s what happens.

Have a lovely Monday from me and this pro cozer.