Happy Luke and SW day

Our little boy is four months today. He’s (mostly) all smiles and laughter and he loves people and attention and the tv. It’s all about people for Lukas. I wonder who he’s got that from??

Both George and me have been struggling a bit over the last couple of days. Just a bit of everything. I think George will be better when he finds a job and I need to get my head around being back.

I love being here, don’t get me wrong, but there is a reason I left and a lot of old feelings and worries are starting to resurface being back here. I’m not sure how to handle them.

But, it’s mostly all fun and games. Exactly how Lukas feel about avocado 😂

He’s got some swag though. Don’t like to brag but he’s totally the coolest kid around. Fuck blue for boys, bring on all the colours.

Colour bombing the shit out of tricky days.

We also have such a crew of people around us. Had Ghobadi’s and baby bro and Sandra over for dinner on Friday.

Family and chosen family all around. Very lucky indeed.

And yesterday Sanna and me went to Lill-jansskogen. Like stepping into a Bauer fairytale world.

My somewhat sadness flew out the window for a while.

Not hating on this…

Today we are celebrating his 4 month day and Star Wars day by me going to Katta for a fika and then hopefully a nice dinner together tonight. George and me have been quite bad a focusing on us since he came. But I guess that’s what happens.

Have a lovely Monday from me and this pro cozer.

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