Hey guys. Been a while. Not that we’ve been busy. Really, we do literally nothing except for rolling around having awesome times.

It’s all warm and sunny today. 20 degrees. I’m wearing a dress. Summer, I’ve missed you. We went to Millesgården to meet with Maggie and Andrea and their babies. Hands up for Swedish maternity leave.

Baby and me looking cool as ice.

He’s so big now. Loving to stand up and sitting but mostly just hanging out with ALL the people.

Standing like a pro. I have a hunch he’s more like his dad given that my lazy ass didn’t start walking until I was 18 months. Do your mum a solid and keep immobile lil dude.

But the best thing is that laugh. I live for it. Well, I live for loads of stuff that but that’s a winner.

Tonight I’m seeing the girls and tomorrow George and me are having our first baby free night since he came. Thanks Katta and Karin for being all kinds of awesome.

Always fun with auntie Katta

And auntie Karin. He’ll be in safe hands. Maybe we can stay out like a week 🤔.

Anyway. Stockholm is all summery, like is falling into place and our little family is pretty happy.

I promise I’ll be better at the blog. Next time I’ll give you a ‘trying to buy a flat’ update. And a ‘I went out with the girls and got SMASHED update’ plus ‘the night without Lukas’ update. Sheeet, clearly lots to update y’all on.

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