Fun times

Ok, I’m back on the horse. Blogging and all that. And with that I mean putting up an endless stream of pics of my baby. Not sorry.

He rolled again this morning. Like a lil champ. It goes so quickly at the moment, he’s developing skills by the day. Almost like his mama.

Here pictures looking VERY clever on our night out. Yep, I did what I set out to do. Get drunk and behave like I’ve never heard of kids.

One could call me a roaring success.

Lucky me I have awesome friends that make sure that my baby free night don’t end until 4am when I stumble home to the birds singing.

Otherwise we are mostly just out and about enjoying Sthlm while looking at flats.

I lure George to leave the house and George gets some house porn. Perfect combo.

Today it’s all about the three of us until we are leaving him and it’s just about the two of us. Sorry lil man but mama and papa needs some fun times.

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