Birthday party in the sun

Sunday. Sitting with my little man watching TV. He loves the tv. Well, it’s some strong genes there. Both from his daddy and mormor. Lots of love for the TV in our family.

Yesterday we went to Vilmas second birthday party. All the babies. Grown ups had bubbles and kids had soap bubbles. Perfect party.

Such a lovely day.

My baby went for the good stuff straight away.

Showing off his skills. And his awesome nerd outfit. The best clothes he has.

And he got his first ever party bag with swag. Loved it.

Happy birthday Vilma and thanks to her parents for the perfect Saturday in the sun.

Today we are seeing our favourite flat again hoping we can get it. But if not it was not meant to happen. We have learned the hard way that planning doesn’t always go as you want…

Happy Sunday to all of you from this little naughty baby.

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