Crossing fingers and toes

Cross your fingers for us. We have the last bid on the flat and are really, really hoping that we get it. It’s lovely and perfect and I can really see our family there and Lukas growing up. And hopefully even a sibling. Someone Lucky Luke can boss around like a champ.

He ate bolognese today. With his whole face. Like you should do. There is no questions about his love for food. Then he had banana and peanut butter. A whole 3 course meal.

The weather is ace. Sunny but not too warm. George is loving it. His soul is definitely European.

When I’m lucky I even get him to go on walks with me. Winning!

Little guy is sleeping on me but hopefully we can get out and walk around a bit. See town. All to take my mind off the flat. It’s nerve wrecking waiting around to see if we get it.

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