Crazy shizzle

So, big news! So far 2020 has given us a baby, unemployment, fleeing the country we lived in, moving to a new country, saying goodbye to our dog but hello to old and new friends and loads of other new things to adapt to.

And now a flat.

Yeah, you heard me right. My amazing mum has helped us out with buying a flat. Yep, awesome! The plan is for us to take a loan and pay it back though. I mean, we are two grown ups and we should be able to pay for ourselves.

But for now, best mum goes to mine.

The flat is in the house we are in now. Itโ€™s a 3 room flat at 80m2. Its got a balcony and two bathrooms. The view is epic and itโ€™s got the best feeling to it. We are so happy to find this amazing flat.

Living room with the balcony and opened up into the kitchen.

Kitchen if you sitting in the living room

Bedroom. Love that wallpaper

Lukas lil circus room.


And balcony. Yes we will love this place.

We are moving in on the 1/10 to hopefully give us jobs for money to actually buy some things for the flat. You know, a bed and stuff ๐Ÿ˜Š.

Tonight we are celebrating. George is doing his take over and me and Lukas will chill out with a drink. Perfect celebration.

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