London goes Sthlm

What a night we had yesterday! A touch of London in Sthlm. Delicious drinks and even more delicious company. Everyone looked good enough to eat.

I decided to go full on goth. Or you know, just get out of my sweatpants.

Even went red lips to impress them cool kids.

Sexy bar menu by the one and only George. Yeah, that’s my man ❤️.

Lukas was very impressed by dad. Poor Shiko was sick so Lukas got an evening out with his parents. Winner!

Looking fly behind the bar

Tove, Fredrik and Ebba came to enjoy some delicious cocktails.

And some winning food.

Baby bro and Sandra because family ❤️

Plus my new little brother

Gorgeous lashes. Yes, totally checking out Karin’s rocking bod.

Me and bro looking like the perfect family

Who am I kidding? This is looking like the perfect family

Eventually he joined us. I mean, we had to properly celebrate the whole craziness of buying a flat as well.

Things got drunker (don’t worry, I was looking after Lukas)

And I had the hottest ladies by my side. Winning on every level.

Perfect night with friends, cocktails, food and sleeping baby. We need a bit of London always.

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