The simple life

Heading down to my mum and dad today. Staying with them for a couple of days. Both to give my mum a big old hug but also to get away from home without spending any money.

It’s all about not spending money at the moment. After 2.5 months here we still have 0 income. George is not getting a job and I’m not getting any answers from försäkringskassan. We are living up my maternity savings. They were supposed to be for me only with George working. Not both of us with no one working.

Basically they are not really enough. Especially since we have no idea when there will be new money in. So right now it’s all about saying no. No to visit family in Gotland, no to dinners out, no to new stuff (well, definitely do not need that).

Luckily spending time with my favourites is free.

One can watch tv when it rains outside or go for long walks in beautiful summer Sthlm and it doesn’t cost a penny.

And since our baby’s favourite toy is a sock he’s pretty easy as well.

So we’ll let this time in our lives be all about family. Less time for fun, more time for you.

(And for those of you wondering about our big night out on Friday. That was paid by George’s boss to get him started here in Sweden)

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