Smooching the grandparents

Lovely couple of days at mum and dads. Lukas and me set out to give all our love to mum being a total bad ass helping us with the apartment.

Looking pretty fly for a white guy.

We left George at home for a couple of days to himself. He didn’t leave the flat and lived on junk food. His dream.

Me and this lil dude packed our stuff and braved to big, bad world. So many people out and about now. Corona is all but forgotten in Sweden.

In Nyköping Lukas had some serious bonding time with the golden oldies. ‘Thanks mormi for being all kinds of awesome’

But of course Lukas and morfi needs to chill together to. Generational bonding 🤘🏻.

I tried to take some cute selfies with my baby. He was NOT game. We need to work on that…

But, at least we got caught on some pics not looking like we are hating life.

Telling the grandparents some serious shizzle.

Even if he was a wee bit whiny we call it a success. See you soon mormi and morfi ❤️

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