It’s all so precious

I’m awake with Lukas at 6 am in the morning and I’m just grateful. Yep, totally one of those #blessed posts.

Nah, but really. I’m just so happy everything has just fallen into place. I mean, it hasn’t been easy and we are still struggling in some areas but in the end of the day we have a beautiful baby, each other (and we are damn good together) and so much support from friends and family.

And to me personally I’m so happy George likes it here. It’s not easy knowing someone is uprooting partly because of you. And he’s just taken to Sweden. All the best sides of George are thriving. The nurturing and love for family, the passion for sports and teaching and the never ending thirst for learning new things.

Me, I’m in a way still marrying the old and new me. I’m facing the things I left behind and I’m bringing who I am now and it’s not always seamless. But, more than anything I’m in awe of all the things that was waiting for me here. Family, friends and beautiful life to step into.

Ok, sappy post over.

We have a garden just behind our house so we sat outside for a bit yesterday enjoying the greenery.

And making fun of our baby of course…

He’s such a funny age. He really communicates and shows what he loves. We went to BVC yesterday and he is growing beautifully. 68cm tall and 7.5kg. He’s getting talk now. To be expected.

After all that greenery and went to see Tommy and Elin. They are counting on being able to stay in Sweden going forward as well. It’s so funny that everyone is ending up here. But, awesome for me to be able to keep so much of my London life.

Big smile walking home through Sthlm. It’s easier in summer. Come never ending darkness and winter I might sing another tune 😊

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