Another gorgeous baby

Met Chrisse and Alexandra’s latest little baby yesterday. Edward. He was soo tiny. 17 days early like Lukas. You forget how small they are in the beginning, Lukas felt like a tank in comparison.

Look at this precious little thing. For you swedes, just like the cutest little rumpnisse.

It felt like holding a little feather compared to my heffalump.

Haven’t forgotten all my baby holding skills. Ha, plus look at George and Lukas in the background, definitely not treating our baby like precious glass any longer.

Katta, the baby whisperer.

Alexandra looked way too fresh for giving birth 2 weeks ago.

Jacqueline being very protective of her younger brother.

Or just playing with the weird bearded guy not speaking Swedish. Kids love George. Mainly because he’s a kid himself.

Lukas and Edward starting their friendship. They’ll be the same year in school and hopefully becoming fast friends.

We all ended up having dinner together. I took the financial decision to spend one of our few outings on the most awesome of friends. What better way to spend your money?

Having got some kind of news from försäkringskassan I’m hoping we will get a small amount of money on setting us up until the end of this.

And don’t worry, I have the rent and food money set aside, this is just the extra. I’m way too money conscious to let our little family starve. Feeling pretty proud of supporting us for 7 months just on the money I saved for my maternity.

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