Happy Midsummer

Yesterday was a bed day. Well deserved after both hosting a midsummer party and having all our stuff delivered from UK. As we’ve said before, we don’t do things halfway…

It was a lovely, sunny, gorgeous midsummer. Celebrating in Sthlm with a happy little crew and all the traditional food, flower wreaths, snaps songs and drunken, ugly dance moves. A winner of a midsummer.

Dressed up and ready to party.

Made a tiny little wreath for Lukas. Too cute.

My little midsummer family.

A happy crew of party people. Not looking as fly 10 hours later 😂.

After moving everything (hero!!) George joined us for the party.

Plus our movers joined the party as well, the more the merrier as we genuinely always say.

Look at this little guy celebrating his first midsummer. He tried all the food and joined the singing. Proper little swede.

Plus family of course. First time celebrating with baby bro. We are pro snaps drinkers all of us in my family…

Then things started going downhill…

Party times. Photos after this are not for human consumption. We partied until 2 when I snuck off to bed and hid from my guests.

An Irish exit in my own house. Pro skills.

Amazing midsummer and can’t wait for many more to come with my little family.

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