Welcome to Sweden

Hey guys. Monday here! Such a Monday. The never ending story with forsakringskassan is still going. After 3 months of forms and calls it turns out I can’t get money for Lukas since im paid from UK. So now we start the whole circus over again for George. Livin la Vida loca.

At least he finally got his ID and a bank account. Baby steps. So right now I’m baking a banana bread pretending the world is not going to shit around us. You know, pandemic that’s still on going and shit.

The one that is all dandy and easy is our little man though

Love spending my time with this little naughty pants. He’s so happy pretty much all of the time.

Especially since he is now riding around in this pimp ass ride. They see me rolling…

Not happy when Victor tried to play with his own car… Lukas, you turning into a little middle aged white dude hating when someone touch your sweet ride.

Cute though.

He loves kissing. Which is basically him smashing himself into your cheek sucking your skin off. Skills.

You going to get all the ladies (or boys) if you keep this up little man.

After all that baking I think me and little man will take a nap. Good for the soul.

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