A waiting game

Good morning! We are sitting inside on a lovely day waiting for someone to install a laundry machine. And for the real estate agent to call back. And to get info about maternity pay from Sweden. And for George to get a job. And…well, we are waiting for a lot. Right now life is a bit of a waiting game. One step forward, three back. Everything takes forever.

However, we are lucky. Comparing to what is happening in the world we are so privileged. Not only white privilege but also the fact that we have parents that can help (thank you awesome parents), we have money saved up and an awesome little baby.

So not complaining, just slowly going about our lives hoping the world will grow into a better place.

On a happier note. Here is a video of little Lukas rolling around. He’s no speedy Gonzales but it’s happening.

Yesterday we went to the park for a bbq for George’s basketball team. Funny he is now coaching for the team I played for as a kid. Me, not exactly a talent…

Lukas was a big boy in shorts

Reading his book. 5 months on Thursday he’s a little boy now. He’s still my baby but he’s such a lovely little person. All smiles and love and cuddles. He still fall asleep so happily on our chests.

Speaking of my baby. George treated my to sushi on Mother’s Day.

And a lovely flower.

And my baby to almost sitting. So yes, can’t complain about anything in my amazing life with my little family. Love them to bits.

Date night!!!

Last week we had our date night. First time just the two of us since he was born. He had two amazing babysitters in Katta and Karin and we ran out the door for a night to ourselves.


I dressed up and got ready to wow my man once again. Feels like it’s mostly sweats these days.

Then we drank picklebacks. Because date night!!

Super excited on the bus. Nothing going to stop us now.

We started off at Lucy’s flower shop. A ‘speakeasy’ (nothings hidden for long in Sthlm) around Stureplan. Such a lovely little place.

We had many drinks and made friends with the people working. Classic night out.

After 4 cocktails we left the bar for dinner. Soooo bright outside. We felt like drunk kids around all the adults.

At Ciccios they remembered George. He was NOT sad about that.

We had dinner and didn’t talk about Lukas. Success. The plan was to be us for a night and we did splendidly.

By the end of the night (23😊) we were drunk and happy and in love. All you can want from a date night with your hunk of a man.

More of these please…

But never unhappy to get home to you little man.